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Oil Spill Response Training Workshop




This is a half-day workshop focused on training network partners in oil spill response for marine mammals and sea turtles. The objective will be to increase preparedness of stranding network responders during an oil spill event, as well as expand trained personnel resources to assist with spill events in other areas.  The workshop will focus on best practices for oil spill response for marine mammals and sea turtles, which include the Incident Command System structure employed during an event.  The lecture portion will include representatives from NOAA’s regional response team, industry specialists, and Tri-state Bird Rescue & Research’s oil spill recovery team.   The hands-on portion will include an oil spill drill, oiled animal response demonstration, and a tour of the oil spill recovery vessel, the DelRiver.  Refreshments and snacks included.

Volunteer Engagement, Retention, & Recruitment Workshop



Tobi Johnson and Associates has been contracted to help Greater Atlantic Stranding Network agencies use more effective strategies and systems to attract and sustain relationships with committed volunteers over the long term.  Volunteers are vital assets to your organization’s sustainability, and now is the time to plan your volunteer program recovery! While the past few years have been a challenge, many volunteer-driven organizations are now emerging with fresh ideas and a commitment to rebuilding. You can, too! 


In this training, you will develop clear, step-by-step systems and set a course for purposeful volunteer engagement that is realistic and achievable, even for busy staff. In addition to learning essential frameworks, you will have access to a practical workbook to help you translate learning into action and time for peer-to-peer discussion to share your big ideas. You’ll leave with solid next steps, ready-to-launch plans that get results and make the most of your valuable time and effort. 


The live in-person workshop will include presentation, interaction, and Q & A sessions focusing on:


  1. Episodic Volunteers: Keeping the Connection & Inspiring Impact Throughout the Year 

  2. Practical Tips & Tools for Creating Connection with Remote Volunteers 

  3. Recruit Your Ideal Volunteer with Smarter Strategy 

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